IIT JEE 2012 Results: 5 ranks in top 100, 11 selections in top 500 All India Ranks and 24 selections in top 1000 All India Ranks and in all 269 selections in IIT JEE 2012 from FIITJEE Chennai Centre
Kochi Centre

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One of the "Ten paradises of the world", One among the "50 must see destinations of a lifetime", "One of the 100 great trips for the 21st century" people describe this place in so many different words. And when they are out of words they call it “GOD’S OWN COUNTRY”. For us it took a little time to enter this state which has the highest literacy rate in India and which is considered to be the first e-literate state in the Country. And finally we are here!.


When we decided to come down to the extreme south, there was no better choice than Kochi, The Queen of Arabian Sea. Thus on 15thNov 2011, we took a humble beginning in the land of Spices by opening our first Centre in Kochi. Now the same FIITJEE which has created wonders in Delhi, Tamilnadu and all across India, has come to Kochi, to mould and nurture the young talents here.


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